About CyberHigh

A Free Catholic alternative to traditional education.
A few of the many different things that we can offer:

  • An 16:1 pupil-teacher ratio
  • Freedom and flexibility of pacing
  • Daily communication with teachers, parent and other students
  • Catholic Religious Studies in a faith-based school
  • Complete Alberta Curriculum Program of Studies, Grades 10-12
  • A variety of option courses available
  • Proven success rates
  • A graduation mass and a Celebration of Learning in June
  • Full-time and part-time options for students.

Holy Family CyberHigh promotes excellent learning!

What about exams?

Exams will be sent to your key parent for them to administer to you. If you are working out of a church or a school, another key adult may be able to do this. After the test is done, the completed test needs to be sent in from the e-mail address of the key parent/adult.